Conflicyting paragraphs in a compromise petition of vendor

I recently bought a piece of land of 1600sq ft along with 3 bhk flat seperately constructed barring 1600 sqft. However while i was constructing my house the neighbors who were brothers of my vendor stopped me from construction by stating that there was a family compromise with the vendor which prohibited the vendor from transferring the land to any one and he shall only remain as the custodian of the land. The compromise agreement did not have a final decree. In the same compromise there was a clause allowing the land to be transferred i have quoted both the clauses below Clause 12: The land to the west allotted to defendant no. 2 will remain the property of defendant no 3( My Vendor). He will have no right to construct any building thereon or transfer either by sale or exchange or mortgage. Clause 14: In case, in the future ANY of the parties or their representatives want to transfer by way of sale any portion allotted to him, the other parties to the suit or their legal representatives will have right of preemption and right to purchase at reasonable prices of that time. Now Clause 14 Contradicts Clause 12 as there are no reasonable restriction that was put up for any future transfer to my vendor. Note: I am a third party to which this land was sold and not related to any one in the suit. This suit was of 1980. Last order in the order sheet was to prepare a final decree but the final decree was never prepared.