Restraining order against my father

I am a 28 years old unmarried man living in a joint family along with my parents and my siblings. My parents married around 35 years ago. Right from the time of marriage my mother has been a victim of domestic violence. In fact my father had a keep (rakhail) and my mother had to share same house with her for several years and father viewed it as perfectly fine because he is a MAN. He doesn't repent even now. There were hardly any days when she didn't have to suffer. My father used to beat her on any trivial matter and always treated her as his property, dictating each and every aspect of her life. The abuse continued for many years till we (we are 3 brothers and 2 sisters) didn’t grow up and could gather the courage to stand up to him. For last many years the abuse has come down because my father is afraid of us but sometimes he takes advantage of our absence. For last few years the problem has resurfaced. My maternal grandmother is a 95 years old widow and owns good chunk of land. She has 4 daughters and no sons. My father wants a major share from the property. He has forcibly kept my grandmother at our home. My grandmother always cries as she wants to visit her other daughters but my father doesn’t allow. He says that ‘I am afraid that my mother’s sisters will make my grandmother write all the property to them’. I always have quarrels my father that he should not try to forcibly keep my grandmother at our home and not allow her to meet her other daughters. He has become very aggressive lately and challenges me that if I want I can leave house but my grandmother and my mother will have to stay with him. When I argue he resorts to violence which I cannot do. He says that he will kill anybody who stops him from getting what he is asking for which is a good share of grandmothers property. I want to move out with my mother and grandmother along with my sisters as I cannot see them tortured any longer. Can I take a restraining order against my father so that he cannot come near my mother and mentally harass her? Please suggest what legal options I have at my disposal.