Construction work going on in my adjoining house

Dear Sir, I am living in Janakpuri , New Delhi. There is a construction work going on in my adjoining house from last 2 weeks , . Side wall of both the houses are joined. During construction process our house has suffered severe damages, like cracks in house walls, and damage to interior paid and pop . They used heavy drill machines and hammers to dismantle the old house resulting in heavy vibration and jolt to our house .I have informed the Builder about this problem already. Initially they told me that they will repair and paint our house in due course. On their oral assurance we never resisted despite heavy disturbance and pollution in the nearby area and all promises are on oral basics and builder never listen to us as well .But as their work is going on and they are not acting to their promise at all Kindly suggest me legal remedy to this problem as they shud pay us the compension for the same as our walls are not in that condition to bear all this With regards, Gauri ... email: [deleted]