How to come out from 498a,DV

I am praparing for gruoups and i was worked in MNC, 2 Years back(2013 Sep), i resigned that job and trying for groups in AP.In meantime, my parents bring match and i was married on 12/05/2014, the engagement was done on 03/03/2014,my wife is working Staff Nurse at Govt.Hospital near to my village.After my marriage i went the same day to my wife parents house as for customs. i spend 4 days there, in that time my wife tell that she is sick and not interest in PC. in that 4 days she is very unease with me, in that time she asked me to promise , that she try to ask me to pay her personal LIC policy of cost Rs 6000/- per month, and 2nd is to keep her in separate house, i softly refuse her . i come back to my house on18/05/2014. that the parents of my wife , are postponed dates of sending her daughter to my house.this hapens 3 times(18/05/2014,21/05/2014,24/05/2014) and again they tells that they will send her daughter on Dt:02/06/ parents and me feel mean time she rejoined her duty on 21/05/2014.her home town is 80kms from my village. on dt:28/05/2014 i went to her hospital and asked the reasons of postponement, she simply said she is not interest in me.that why she is separately living where she working. i was panic and comeback to my home and placed the matter infront of my elders. my parents asked their parents about this matter. they convinced my parents to join her in short time. After 02/06/2014 we send our community elders to join her to matrimony life. they humilated the elders and send back that she tell lies about me that me asking money etc. i send 2 times my relatives to their house for cohabitate her with me. my efforts made by me in vain. Dt:19/07/2014 she was admitted in hospital at her home town, that she got abortion.i shocked and disturbed , in that time we try to communicate her and her parents with my community elders asking for MSD,they bluntly refuse. she rejoin her duty.After 2 months i came know that she put 498a on me and my parents, in Policestation , i took legal advise and send lawyer notice states that cohabitate with me, she then put DV case on me . then i filed RCR , what else can i do against 498a. shall i take divorce? she abortion secretely, and also not staying with me from day of 18/05/2014 to till now , can i file petition against 498a ? i dont have PC with her from day one.