If you helped a fraud unknowingly

Dear lawyer, On a certain day, one of my past company colleague who leaves in another city called me and said that he is having some issues and wants to move in my city and asked for a real estate broker number. I gave him a broker's number and after 4-5 days he started living with his whole family (mom, dad, siblings, spouse, kid) near my sociaty. After few months the got taken back to their city by police. He himself told me about this thing fee days back after this incident on phone. He only told me that they are having some property issues which I don't know in details. Now in the duration of their living here, I helped him 1-2 times like giving him matress etc. My question is can I get into trouble in this whole situation ever? The reason I'm asking this is because his opposite person called me one day (he got my number from the entry I made in his sociaty gaurd register) and asked me that whether I met him or not. Why he is asking to me even he knows that police got them from here.