Property Inheritance

To whoever it may concern, So My grandmother passed away some time ago, and all the property was named after her, after she passed she had not written a will of her own and my sisters are the ones who worked and paid for all the property, while my father and elder brothers who have never worked their entire lifes stole all the properties after she passed passed away according to the Inheritance law because all the property's go to the male yet they have not earned a single dollar towards it, I have 8 sisters all which worked for this and they get not a single thing which technically should all be named after them, Now my father and brothers have started selling some of the property we have and dealing with thugs so we have to lock our houses at all times, due to the corruption police is coming everyday yet nothing is getting done case is getting postponed from date after date So what do we do from here? How do the sisters get the property into their name? How do we stop them from selling the properties away?