Desperately need your help on validity of NRI divorce in India

I got married last year to a Software Engineer working in USA. After 1 week of marriage,leaving me in India, he went back to USA. From then never responded about my dependant visa processing and started theatening me for divorce. I was blindly cheated by him. Unexpected situation took place.Hiding his impotency, he married me. I am mentally being harrassed by him and his family from 10 months, My mother was hospitalised as my matrimonial life was totally cheated and spoiled. I have filed Domestic Violence Case on my husband and his family at my home town Hyderabad, India.Now in order to escape from the case and to soon get rid of me, he has filed for divorce in New Jersy, USA putting all false allegations on me.If it is India, I can proove all his allegations are completely false with all the evidences I have in hand. I can’t travel to USA and defend the case against him.Taking this as an advantage, he is proceeding further with the case as getting divorce is much easier and faster in USA than in India. I am in deep depression and pain. I was completely cheated by him and his family. I really want to stop his divorce proceedings in USA. But don’t know how I can. He has filed the divorce on the grounds of IRRECONCIABLE DIFFERENCES AND EXTREME CRUELTY .And in the summons I was served, it says that if I don’t respond in 30 days, judgement will be passed against me and all my properties will be seized. I really really don’t understand how can it be possible ?? 1)when he is the one who has cheated me and flew back to USA and escaping from Indian law and from the case filed on him here in India. 2) I can’t defend in USA while I am an Indian and got married here at my home town. I never travelled to USA before and after marriage. Can you please suggest me on the following: 1)How do I stop his proceedings and deport him to India? 2)As mentioned in the Summons, if I don’t respond to the court, will divorce will be granted to my husband and if so will that divorce be valid in India and how can I challenge it according to Indian law? Just pleading you to understand my pain and suffering I am going through on account of the moves my husband has taken.Kindly request you to suggest me the best way.I never wanted to get divorced and I want to go according to the Indian law and get him judged here for the cheating and the way he and his family playing with the life. Thank you