Issue with Rental Management Company

Context: There are 3 parties involved here in Bangalore: 1. Owner of the Apartment- Me 2. Rental Management Company - 3. Tenant There is an agreement between Me and Rental Management Company on Feb'18 for next 3 years, whereas Rental Management Company agreed to pay me rent every month as per the agreement and i gave them the right to sublet the apartment to various individuals or corporate clients. In turn the rental company entered into lease agreement with the 3rd party Tenant (Tenant) on Nov'18 for next 3 years, accepting INR 10L and allowed them to stay till Nov'21, post which they would return the 10L to tenant after Nov'21. Till Oct'19 Rental Management Company paid rent regularly to me as agreed, after which they have not paid any rent citing some financial troubles. I continuously followed up with them but to no resolution. Hence, i sent the termination mail (on 11th Jan’20) to Rental Management Company (copying the tenant) since they had not paid the rent for last 2 months and asked them to vacate my apartment by 29th Feb'20. I spoke to company's owner post the termination mail on 30th Jan'20 to which he confirmed that he will get the apartment vacated and initiate the process to do so. However, he is not reachable on the phone neither he is replying to my mail. His office in Bangalore is also closed for last 3 weeks. I want to seek your advice on what rights do i have to vacate the tenant who is currently residing in my apartment, since the middle party (Rental Management Company) is not reachable/missing now. The company is also not responding to the tenant's (Tenant) correspondence as well. My primary concern is to get the apartment vacated and get the possession of the same in this situation. Pursuing the Rental management company for my rent dues is not a priority for now.