Torture and harassment of husband's family by daughter in law

Hi Sir, This is to inform you that i am mahendra my brother got married 3 years back . it was arrange marriage with the consent of both families. After one year they gave birth to a baby girl and in a few months she went to her home and refused to come back and from there only they started thretening us for dowry and my mother is the head of the family and a patient of bp. anyhow we call all our relatives in the family court . they both compromised and she came to our house. after 4 months in the evening she ran away from the home leaving her daughter at home and that night only we complained to the nearset police station for her missing we were very anxious. after a week a letter came to the police station mentioning the name of all members of family that we have killed her. we pay bribe to police staion because we are a respectable family in our area.. and later on we got to know from the relatives that she ran away with her father and here police were torturing us everyday that find that girl otherwise you ll be in jail. we searched her in her village her neighbouring village and they kept on hiding and no one was helping us there we were very helpless and police from both the district were harassing us and still... now she is with her father and lodged a complaint for maintaince.. my brother lost the job he is in depression taking medicine my mother is also not well .. sir we have not done anything then also we are the victim of this sitaution.. can i file a RTI to get all the complaint letter? and can i write a letter to human right commision ? sir i am financially weak.. what are the steps i can take to solve this problem.. nobody is helping us.