Caught my husband cheating

I recently found out that my husband is cheating on me. i found a screen capture of a video call where is he is talking on a video call to a nude women. He regular goes to this woman's house and states that they are really good friends since past few months the visits became very regular so i got suspicions and checked his phone. He also regularly transfers money to her saying that its for a committee . After finding out about the video calls I confronted him with the photo and he admitted it that he is meeting with that women and having such video calls. He usually deletes everything from his phone like call ,chat and other photo history but forgot to do so this time. I also recovered call history off of his phone which states that they daily talk to each other for hours. I am a working woman and almost 60 years old and my husband is retired now and usually stays at home. I am completely devastated by this at this age and want to know what are my options now ? if i pursue any legal options would the evidence be enough. Everything was built by us jointly i earn more so contributed way more in everything and even our accounts are joint accounts. I don't know what to do.