D farm patta

Hi, I am a Ex-Serviceman,allotted a D farm patta way back in 1976.I did pay tax and have copies of the paid challans and Adangal has my name in Records in MRO'S office.For few years cultivation was done on the land but then I was posted to field areas (Border Posting).My father took care of the land until he died in 1989,later in 2006 it came to my notice that my land was provided to few farmers of miniority caste under CLDP and were issued Passbook,without intimating me,when I took this issue to Joint Collector court it came to notice that those farmers didn't have any records with them,they told they were only given passbooks for which they didn't even submit any photo copies in the Collector court,Collector asked the Revenue Department to do re-survey and submit the report,and till date no conclusion is provided.When ever I get in touch with the MRO,he says they have extreme pressure on them in other state and villages related issue,but we will certainly resurvey and submit the report.Till date it didn't happened its more than 6 years now.Nearly 4 MRO's were posted and left.When I went and checked the land it is still in the same condition where my father left before he died. My Question is What is CLDP ? What happens when a allotment is done in CLDP but no farming took place at all ? What happens as in my case where Adangal and records have my name but passbook is allotted to others under CLDP who are not farming ?And what should be my next step ??