Divorce Case

Hello Sir/Mam, I got married to a merchant Navy officer an year back and stayed with him only for 2months in 2018. Soon after he joined the ship and came back in March 2019. I came to know his illegitimate relationship with a married woman residing with her two kids and husband in April. I informed his parents-to which my father-in-law said, that we accepted you when your mother has not written property when we asked recently with maturity, now it's time for you to show maturity to understand your husbands mistakes. And my mother-in-law said 'Girls should have patience like Sita. Eventually, I realized, my husband registered online on app as single in March 2019 and sexting to girls. On digging deep, I realized, he is involved in sex calls and sexting in Gmail hangouts also, where nude pictures of girls and his private parts are shared. I was shocked to find all his videos and activities online. I went into deep depression and on suggestion of few friend, I took my husband to psychiatrist cum sexologist to get my husband counselled. In between, my husband during the sessions informed me, my family and the psychiaritrist that his merchant navy job is stressful and his parents never understood him and made him work on long duration on ship, which all made him to enter into illegitimate activities- and he himself informed me and my family that he will find some job over here in India. Following which his parents started harrasing me to pay EMI's for homeloan which is in my husband's name and to pay 10 Lakhs to each person in their family as they didn't get any money in Dowry. Over these kind of repetitive calls for my salary and other savings, my relatives went to my husbands place and asked them why they in first place spoiled my life if their son is into multiple woman and they are interested in money. During family discussions, the matters heated up and the husband family remained adamant.Also, my husband who always begged me that its mistake and his family is just behind money till then, suddenly flipped and pursued that they need divorce I don't need divorce sir. Even after all kinds of harassment and mistreatment from my husband and his family, I tried to save my marriage while undergoing Chronic depression due to his activities. And now just because my elders questioned my husbands family, they are saying they need divorce. Over and above, for his activities on internet, are there any punishments in law as adultery is no more criminal offense(punishable) as per indian constitution. And can I take any action on woman who is married staying with her husband and in parallel having an illegitimate relationship with my husband- harassed me mentally? I have call records of my inlaws calls harassing for money, witnesses who heard the harrassments from my inlaws in my husband words( my collegues, my husband friends, my family members, Psychiartrist etc), Call records with that woman who confirmed the illegitimate relationship with my husband