Join property issue after divorce

Hi, I got divorced in 2015. It was an ex-parte as she didnt come to the city where i started the proceedings and in fact she started her own proceedings in Bangalore in spite of my proceedings in Pune. I notified her of all the progress for records and she even accpeted a notice once. Now we have a joint home loand and in fact the house is also on joint name and it is only me who has been paying the EMIs since 8 years. Now lately she is sending her relatives to my place asking about me,my tenant informed me. When I asked her relative about the reason for the visit he doesnt answer and says he is busy. In all my earlier attempts, my wife has been unreasonable to settle this issue and has been asking for unreasonable amounts to let go of the property. I even mentioned once that take the house completely and start paying the EMIs for rest of 12 years. So basically I just want resolve this however she refused for that also. And all this is on messages so I have proofs. So all in all, her idea is to make me pay all the EMIs and she is still half owner. And I didnt take the route of stopping EMIs since I dont want to mess my credit scores. Please advise how I can resolve this. Any guidance will be really appreciated and in fact I will hire an appropriate lawyer if guided properly.