Need legal advice

My husband and his family have been very verbally abusive which has resulted in me developing a stress and anxiety disorder. It has become so bad that i have developed suicidal ans self harm tendencies. This has been certified by a psychiatrist as stress and depression developed due to the relationship and in-laws behaviour. Further, my husband left me and has refused to take my calls or my family members' calls within 3 months of marriage. Further, he would return for a few days and verbally aggravate my condition, ask for seperation, leave without any information and block all communication with me. His family members have also done the same despite having my jewelry with them. On informing them of legal implications of cutting communication despite having my jewels, they returned my jewels but my husband has refused to return and is now harassing me by saying that he will return only of I do as he says, and is also verbally abusing and insulting my family. I am under a lot of undue stress and wish to take legal action him and his family.please advice.