Women's right

The question is in the context of karnataka where mitakshara law is practiced. A,B,C are 3 Brothers in HUF Mr.A (Died Intastate in 1935), Mr.B(died intaste in 1966), & Mr.C had no wife & Children & Made a will in favour of Mr.A's Grand children & Died in 1967 Mr.A had 3Male (AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4) & 4female children All died before 1994 Mr.B had 1 Daughter(BD1) (born in 1938, Died in 2006) & 1 Son (BS1)(still Alive) Mr.A, Mr.B, Mr.C were not partitioned till death, the partition took place after they died. i.e in 1968 Among 4 Parties i.e the 3 Sons of predeceased AS1 all togther As 1st party, 5sons of Predeceased AS2 as 2nd party, (AS3 Had already taken some property & Had released 1 month earlier) AS4 As 3rd party & BS1 As 4th party... Now the question is can son of BD1 Claim share of his mother, or didnt BD1 Had right in the property as the partition happenned before 1994... Or dose she have a right as the property of Mr.B was not partitioned among others as he had only 1son, Or didnt she had right as the partition happened among the members of nxt generation Of MR.A.B.&C, Will of C was also followed at the time partition. its a registared partition