Alimony for divorce

Dear sir I am married for last 18 months. After couple of months of marriage, I get to know an illicit relationship between my wife and her brother-in-law. The brother-in-law is the one who played a pivotal role in this arranged marriage. It was a heartbreaking thing, I was in denial for many days. Just couldn’t realize that this has happened to me. I consulted some people who advised me to forget and forgive. I did that. Now we have a daughter, 2 months old. I thought the baby would make her feel responsible but it was never the case. The journey had been very tough. She is so mean, despite of all I have not shared anything with my parents still it doesn’t seem she has any remorse of her doings. She fights with me in every small things, doesn’t want to live with my parents, she is never for any compromise. Now she wants to part the ways. Frustrated with the things, me too want to get out of this marriage. Whenever she said I would leave your house, I have reiterated that don’t play with the baby’s life, let her be with me and take whatever you want from me. I have some audio, video recording to prove she herself confessed about the illicit relation she had. I have all the WhatsApp chats and sms, where we have discussed everything in detail. 1) Now, if she really goes out, how much alimony I may need to pay. I earn about RS 40,000 and have some savings too. 2) Can she claim anything from my savings? I am building my own house. The house is in the names of my brother and me. 3) Can she claim for the house or the part of it? Please help.