Mutual Divorce or Decree by Court Which is best

Dear Sirs, Case: My Marriage lasted 8 months. Woman left matrimonial home on pretext of intervw & never returned. She Filed for divorce alleging forced abortion by In laws. Husband defended in court Denying any information about abortion(written statement). Case failed reconciliation and Mediation. Woman Filed misc case for return of Streedhan. In mediation center Husband returned all the articles as per satisfaction of the woman (documented). Verbally Woman demanded Huge one time alimony. We refused. Woman's lawyer approached our lawyer to settle via token money. We refused to give any money. They pushed dates. They threatened to bring evidence in court. Before Date of Evidence woman's lawyer approached to say they want to withdraw their petition and settle the matter amicably. They requested us to withdraw our petition. In court Woman's lawyer requested Judge to give another date as they want to settle the case amicably. Now, Sirs my fear is, if I go for Mutual divorce and withdraw my petition then after divorce they file Maintenance case u/s Crpc 125 or HMA 25 then forcibly Will I have to give maintenance? To avoid the same What Language should be written on Mutual divorce papers ? Thanks & regards roshuv.