Salary not paid out by the company.

Dear sir/mam My name is soken singh and i have been worked with lifestyle international private limited,located at vasant kunj ambiance mall. three months ago i've quieted the company. according to their said i left the company on 21st of march and they said that you will get the salary of one month after 2months and today 16th of June i went there in the company to make full and final done, HR easily told me that there is no amount left due over us to pay you because you have not done notice period. and i said that mam what i did was all according to your said, actually she told me to do the duty till 21st of march in order to get the full salary of 1 month, so, i did it, but till now i did not get amount from the company, and even 45 days earlier i spoke with HR about the pending full and final she told me to come and collect the cheque on june or july she told me that she will call me when she got the cheque but she is denying the amount,,everything goes in vain, please help out of my situation.