Can I sue father-in-law for ruining my marriage

Hi Team - I'm a 26 year year old girl who got married last year November. Its been just 7 months of marriage & I have walked out of my in-laws place at my own free will. I got fed up of living with my father-in law & his rules. He is authoritative & dictates everything. He has messed with my husband's mind. For 1st 3 months of wedding, my husband was normal like any loving husband. But I was at my mother's place for 1 month(due to a surgery) & after that he changed. He started behaving like his father. My husband stopped supporting me. He told me he will sideline me because I did not respect his father. We started having fights. It was like my husband had 2 personalities. One for me & one for his father. My husband started playing double games. He had promised that we will move out, but he started behaving erratically. My husband turned out be unreliable. I walked out 2 months back. My father in law & husband took in writing that "I'm leaving at my own free will". My father signed it. There was an intervention yesterday. His family & my family sat down & discussed that in order to save this marriage, let the guy & girl live separately on their own. And everyone agreed apart from the father in law. Today that father in law is calling up & demanding a legal contract that should be signed by me & my family, that I will not take them to court, if things don't work out even after staying separately. So the father in law is the root cause. I left that house because of him. When we all are trying to save the marriage he is trying to break it. And he is hell bent on avenging me. Can I sue him for conspiring to break my marriage & giving me mental torture ? Regards Distressed Credit Analyst