Sending legal notice to wife for not willing to return home

Hi, I currently stay in Pune for first 4 years. My wife went to her native in Silchar along with my daughter during her summer vacation on 29th April. Their return ticket was also with my wife for 29th May. We recently got our daughters admitted on 1st Standard in one of international school in Pune. The school resumed on 8th June. But still my wife is not willing to return here. She's a housewife and this has been practice that she deploy everytime she goes to her parent's place. Then she either starts demanding me to go to native and take them here etc. This has been going since last 10 years now. Now she's also demanding money from me, saying she will stay there in native and I must meet their financial needs. Since my child's education is getting suffered this time, I want to send her a legal notice for not turning up staying with her mother for no reason. I already sent a letter on June 1st through registered post requesting her to come back, which she has received. Now, I want to send a legal notice. I consulted a advocate in Pune. He's saying sending such legal notice will cost me INR 5000/-. Just wanted to check, if this cost is genuine or I can have a better deal ? Also, kindly advise If I'm planning to follow the right path. I can provide more details if required.