420, 506 r/w 34IPC

Hi , I am the Main victim of this case, some one had fraud me by saying that in your house there is lot of black magic had done, for that reason you and your family people will die .I(accused) will save you but you need keep the your gold for (POOJA) and given it to back after completion , i had submitted them 500 grams of gold ,by asking them that gold back they the not respond clearly, i had reached the police , and my gold is back(not complete) . police had recover the gold and put the case of 420 and 506, i had collected the gold from court, my question is, after i given the evidence can i get the gold permanently, or up to that after completion of case i cant sold or change it? , next question , after Judge the punished the accused , if he/she (accused) again contact to the other court for the same case, shall i again go to that court to as main victim and produce the gold in front of the court, my last question is the senior citizen(55) is accused her/him are not punished as per the court rules?. Thanks & Regards