Passport related query

Hi, My Passport Got expired a couple of years back hence had applied for Renewal of Passport and i had got the Renewed Passport also, however i was framed in a case under Sec 323,504,34. with my cousin brother, where the main accused was my cousin brother and i was not even aware that a case has been registered in my name also.That case was settled though the order came late however at the time of applying for my passport the Agent didn't mention the details of the said case nor was i aware of the same hence those details were left blank, it was later when the case came on board and i got a summon, i got to know, however till then had already applied for the renewal of passport. Now in Police Verification the Report is Adverse mentioning the reference of that case Sec 323,504,34, as well as another case of 498 (A) and 406, this case again is of my brothers and not mine. I have received a letter from the Passport Office regarding clarification for the same why material facts were suppressed, which i haven't, and also why they should not impound the passport and take action under sec 12 (1) (b) of Passpot Act 1967. Please help and provide me with a solution for the same as to what should be the course of action taken by me as its not my fault.