Company not paying salary for last three months

Hello Sir/Madam , This thing started late Feb 2015 when i got selected for an very known MNC company as an contract employee (Payroll company ) which is based Bangalore ,Initially we were told that we all would have to go through training program and during the training schedule we all be getting stipend that is what they communicated and their representative told us but received nothing during the training .Far more we were never told that there will be delay or gap after the training to get deployed to the projects and we were made to wait for around 2 months and still we all are waiting to get deployed and when we ask for stipend and salary they says that we will get only after the deployment ,Still they are not giving us exact date when we will get deployed to projects and moreover they never communicates or replies to our mails .They made most of the candidates to resign from their jobs and now made them literally unemployed .Its totally disgusting at there part ,when we chase them ,they always give us false promises . Now they also started to say that you are not our employees yet and when we counter that we got employee id from your company then they say its just some alphabets you guys are not in or payroll list and no billing made to you guys ,now you guys even can't take legal step . The trouble is they ruined our career by making some of us to resign from their jobs to join them and even make a gap of more than three months in our career ,which is very bad in It industry . Sir/Madam please suggest what are the possible steps we can do to get our letters like experience and reliving and our salary ,stipend and compensation for the treble pain and exploitation or torture we went through during the period .We haven't resigned yet but when asked about the procedure to resign even then we got no reply from them .