Regarding ipc 420and 406

Hello Sir/Madam, I and my father is facing so much trouble. The things is that my father has taken credit from someone he was unable to return that my on particular time given at that time my father and me went to that person place to take extra time which he granted but I didnt went inside the person place i was standing outside. But in few days only by money and criminal power he file case against my father and me under section 420 and 406 in which police arrested me and my father was out of station any how i make out a way from police station that day after that my father and i was hideing from them at diffren places meanwhile i appointed a lawyer for my AB bail to lower court that was refused but from high court it was granted till 3-7-15 and mention to list this matter till that day and police cannot arrest me. After that i came back to my place and with the help of my lawyer i sent application as well as bail order to respective police station without my presence there and my father is still hiding but after few days police and criminal abused my fought with me and taking arresting by taking me inside police wheel but i manage to get reid from them. Note:- i have proof that the time of credit taken and stamp and paper work done i was out of the state and they dont have single paper also which was sign by me. My question are 1) till 3-7-15 can i go out of town to hide to protect myself from police and criminals. 2) can my father also get bail from this because till today also he has not file bail to lower court also. 3) my AB has clearly written i have to join investigation but i am scared of going there because of police as well as criminals as criminals try to kidnap me. 4) i am so much scared of criminals because they are high profile and big criminals and has power of police well wisher also as they give money to them. 5) if i will not hide police will arrest me on 4-7-15 as AB clearly mention not to arrest till 3-7-15. 6)i have many proof for not involved in this case as i was out of state like atm transactions, hotel bills, photos,etc 7) what my father and i do to be safe from police as well as more from criminals for our sack of life. Please suggest Waiting for all of yours response Thank you