Game played by wife, need advice in family issue Really worried

Hi, I am Santhosh, I got married on [deleted], the day I started my marriage life started with loads of problem, Wife pledged her jewels and bought a land in her native, along with that we have pledged jewels for family expenses as well, however I got a personal loan of 5 lacs and took all jewels for 2 lacs in Chennai and we have gone for lease by shifing our house from Chennai to Coimbatore (Wife's Native), Now we have some family problem, she is telling I am not ready to live with you due to some family issues (PS. I have a proof confirming that she has an affair with a guy after marriage - sent by her ex boy friend explaining all our family situation and her wrong contact in facebook), now I have thought of living for sake of my boy baby 2.5 years old but she is not ready to live with me at the same time as I am jobless now, I have asked her, if I get job, can you live with me, she said clearly that she is not ready to live with me as of now, however, I thought of vacating the lease house in Coimbatore and get the lease money back to pay off my debts, wife and her relations came to that house and threatened me that you cant get the money until you give a settlement to their daughter, they are not ready to live with me, at the same time they want the land purchased in the name of myself and my wife as a settlement, 1. my wife dont want to live with me 2. they are not allowing me to take the lease money from the house owner to pay my debts, since they need settlement without divorce agreement or any other agreement. 3. I recorded the phone conversation had with my wife as well 4. I am helpless, as everyday I am getting calls from 2 banks asking me to pay off my debts but I am jobless and my wife and her relations threatining me that you cant get the money without settlement. Can someone help me what should I do in this situation as house owner is saying that both (me & my wife) should come to collect the things and money at the same day. 5. I tried already but they are expecting money and land as settlement but they are not ready for a agreement on the same. Request you to advice what I should do get the lease money to pay off my debts Thanks, Santhosh S