Mental harassment by in-laws and husband

Hello Sir/Madam, I am married since May 2012 and have a baby girl who is 1.5 year old. My in-laws and husband always admired to have baby boy..My in-laws are harassing me because i gave birth to a baby girl..My mom in law and husband harass me every day for every single thing in the house,thereby making my life miserable...twice i have left my husbands home n went to my fathers place but every time my in-laws & my husband promise me that they won't do anything wrong with in-laws & husband forcefully records my voice and they force me to say the things they want to get it record, my husband blackmail me if i will not say the things they want to get it record then he will leave me...i am staying with my husband for my daughter because i don't want to effect her future..My husband and my in-laws knows this thing that i cant take any legal action against them because i am very emotional for my daughter so they are taking advantage for this thing..Now i am fed up with my husband and my in-laws daily mental harassment....kai baar mere inlaws or husband ghar mei tamasha bna lete hai choti choti baato mei..they all starts shouting at me..jab bhi koi jhagra hota hai hamare ghar mei mri mother inlaw and my husband mera mobile hide kar lete hai so that i cant record the voice..baad mei mera husband mereko blackmail karta hai ki mere ko wo chor dega agar mane mere inlaws se maafi ni maangi to mera husband meri maafi mangte hue video bnata hai or baad mei sabhi ko wo video dikha k meri mistake prove kar dete hai. ..Kai baar situation itni worse ho jaati hai mra husband mera gala dabne lagta hai.wo mere ko bahar bhi nahi jaane dte..i sometime thought to call the woman helpline number but could not dare to call them..i don't want to take divorce but i want my in-laws and my husband live peacefully with me..i also know they are not going to behave good with me until i take any legal parents are very please advise me what kind of legal action i can take against with my inlaws and husband so that they get threaten with this and they started behaving good with me,,