Neighbours encroaching into our land as our ulc is pending

Hello Sir, Our land survey number is #237 (with 2 acers 4 guntas) hyderabad, telangana in which there are 10 plot owners - with right side 6 owners & left side 4 owners with middle 40 feet road. Lets say the left side owners as A,B,C,D. Now, as there is a curve in plot of owner "D", he played a trick and constructed house without knowledge of other three owners, due to this trick played by owner "D", there is a disturbance of 5 feet to owner "A". After an year, owner "A" is encroaching into neighbour plot "B" and asking plot owner "B" to encroach into his neighbour plot "C". But, owner "C" is a huge business man and he will not spare anybody if anybody encroaches into his land. But, when these owners went to Owner "D" and asked about this 5 feet disturbance trick, he says that he will bring the court stay order and will not move as he has constructed the house. Our Query is, as these plots are under ULC and they haven't got the ULC's yet. If any one encroaches into other plots and constructs the houses, or constructs the boundary walls. Can victim plot owner "B" can approach the court? will the court help him to get his plot after getting the ULC? or, as houses got constructed, will the court ask this victim to leave as is? please help. Thanks for your help in advance. Ganesh