Need separation

Dear Advocate, myself got married to a lady 4 months ago, her dad was quite well known to my father since their childhood. I work in IT and I have a lot of friends (both genders), I always spend time with my friends when I'm outside of home town for work. I used to friends than family members. When the marriage dates started approaching, we both (myself and the finance) realized our tastes and perceptions about life are different and it can never travel together. Due to this so many understandings happened. When my friend (a girl colleague) calls me and talk, my finance used to tell you are talking too much to friends. I told this is the way I'm brought in. It will take time to come to change. Then we got married and we were together for 8 days, then I started to my work place and continued my professional life. During this phase wife keeps texting me and ask are you with your friend (girl colleague), what are you doing and where are you going with her? I had enough and due to this I have warned her not to use such words and try understanding things. I lost my patience and I started hating her. Even she had problems with my mom and dad, she won't gel with them. They had given her enough freedom and care. After couple of discussions, a point came where I have to tell her dad (father-in law) I can't live with your daughter. He got angry, they started saying I have some relation with my colleague. My father spoke to her father, then he demanded money from my father to discontinue this relation. My father requested some time to settle it. After two weeks, one fine day she filed a petition against me on a women's police station. He had produced a individual facebook photos of mine and my colleague, in those separate photos we both are wearing a same model tea shirt from a brand. I'm unable to understand how can she file a compliant and the cop can believe that I have a relationship with my colleague. Cop called me to appear in front of her soon. After all these I don't want to live with her, could you please suggest how can I settle this.