Alimony in 2 month (period of stay) old marriage

Me (31) and my wife (29) were in marriage for 2 months when she left for her parents place. Now we seek a divorce on MCD basis as we cannot go ahead together with no. of issues. How much time will it take to get the verdict and decree in MCD. However, I need clarity on following points 1. Can she demand Alimony or maintenance? She is a BBA, MBA/MCom and CS. She worked for 7 years before she got married. She was not employed for few month b4 marriage, however, now she is working again. 2. Can she claim on my family's property or property bought by me? 3. I have a doubt that her health condition is not good as she is low hemo, low bp and no muscles in body patient.Also I found blood lancets (a small instrument which helps in checking glucose levels in blood). Can I get her physically examined.? 4. Since the girl and family hid about her health condition. Can this be a basis to my claim of divorce? Also I have pictures of her with other men (post marriage) whom she claims to be her friends but I have doubts..