Vehicle accident fatal to pedestrian

Hit a pedestrian who ran across a busy 4 lane road (away from any signal or zebra crossing), at night, in rain, with no street lights around. This was right after a signal and a sharp turn, and the vehicle was well within speed limits. Rider was wearing a helmet, not drunk, with license and all documents in order. The rider was also knocked unconscious after the fall. Some good samaritan took him to a nearby hospital and he woke up in hospital after a couple of hours. Reported to the police station immediately, and found out that the victim was taken to two different hospitals hospital but denied treatment due to lack of payment of money for about 4 hours. Rider paid up and arranged for treatment immediately, but the victim died in the hospital a few hours later. Was charged with 279 and 304(A). An accident 'specialist' lawyer was arranged and bail was obtained for the rider. The police did not object in court to the bike being released. What would be the procedure ahead, with regard to both compensation claim and the criminal charge? Is there likely be an acquittal, or a guilty verdict, or an acquittal with a fine/compensation? How long would the case typically take? If the family of the victim presses for an out of court settlement, would it be wise to take it?