Formation of Apartment Association

Sir, I own and live in an apartment. It was purchased around 2010. Due to Akrama / Sakrama in court, the builder did not provide us with the Khata. We all hold B-Form. Even the apartment or it's documents are not yet taken over from the builder. The affairs and accounts in the apartment are not in order. There is not any formal association formed yet even after all the units are sold out. The one who undertook to maintain the accounts does not maintain any account book and do not answer the queries or accept any errors pointed out. For the past one and half year I have been demanding for formation of association. Few of the owners says that they will not form the association as they didn't get their Khata. They also say that formation of association is not mandatory and I cannot demand for it. I said them that when the accounts and affairs are not correct I can ask for an association to which I can raise my issues. My questions are: Are they correct that I cannot demand for apartment association to be formed? When any fund is collected towards maintenance of apartment should not they maintain an account book recording all the transactions? When the building was not taken over isn't the ownership or authority of the building lies with the builder? Is there anyway I can pay my part of maintenance through a third party, say builder or his representative? Thank you