Misuse of Section 376

Respected Sir, This is with reference to a case at your Police Station.- Accused : Mr.Surya Kumar. Aged : 25 yrs Mechanical Engineer from Chennai Working in Yamaha as Asst Manager, Girl’s Name: Aparna Singh Father’s Name: Sanat Kumar Singh. Aged : 33 Yrs From Allahabad Dealing Officer: Shri Yadav Sir. Police Station : Khasna Aparna Singh who is 8 yrs elder to Surya, wants to get married to him and when he rejected her offer and want to continue as a friend only. Further to this, he got engaged to another girl in Chennai. Aparna got mentally disturbed and she simply gave a complaint against him - that he took her to his room, intoxicated her, raped her, took photos and blackmailed her... As this kind of cases should be promptly attended by the Police department, Surya was put into jail by that girl. The section used is 376 of IPC. Now he is in jail helplessly, he lost his job, his widow mother is in Noida waiting for the justice for his son, his marriage got cancelled…. Sir, I would like to humbly ask, if any girl with mental disability lodges any complaint against any boy as her wish, the law can finish a life of an innocent boy who has come to work and earn his living??That too without any enquiry or investigation?? This is a purely misuse of the Law. Or the Law is purely wrong. His life and all his dependant's lives are disturbed now. The girl is happily roaming in the same locality and her parent doesn’t even know about this issue as they are from Allahabad. If any learned Police Officer looks into this message, and give Justice on this, it would be of great true Help . If these kind of complaints and encouraged, no Male can live peacefully in this esteemed country which cares too much for the female population. Sir…Law is being misused..Please help us by giving a chance to talk to you and explain the situation in detail. Please enquire on that girl. Ask her parents to come to Police Station. Let them know what she is doing in Noida. Ask her to prove her complaint. By the time this case goes to court and we prove against her, it will be enough time to ruin the boy’s life as he has lost most of the crucial things in his life by then. Two months of life in Prison of any person is enough to change the life. A person who is supposed to marry and start a new life is getting ruined in Prison because of a wrong complaint by a mentally disturbed girl. PLEASE HELP... Thanks and regards, P.M.Karthik Brother in Law of Surya Kumar From Hyderabad 9618151513