I have given hard earn money of 25 lacs INR to my childhood friends as he said he is involved in legal business of Rice trading .I stay in Saudi arabia.Now i got to know that he has taken money of approximately 20 Crore from so many people. All of a sudden he switch off his mobile and i got to know that he itslef complaints against one person Mr. Chaubey stating that he is a the employer of the chaubey firm and earn 12000 INR whereas Mr. Chaubey has given him 3 crores for business. He state that all the transactions done from his account done my Mr. Chaubey total transactions done from his account is 41 crore. My father is a reputed lawyer but he is a heart patient . i don't want to give him trouble. I have the Stamp notery signed by him declaring that he need 25 lacs for his personal use and will return in 15 days or else i can take legal action against him,Cheque and Aadhar card,all Whatsapp message explaining his business. Why he need money from me and when he return me. Since the case is registered from both the party Mr. Chaubey and my friend . I don't want to involved in the case and also i need my hard earn white money back. Can you please help me?