Hit a drunk pedestrian by two wheeler

While driving on my bike on the road (~40 KMPH), I hit a drunk pedestrian. The pedestrian was a male with age 40-45 years. I was driving down the town and the pedestrian walked right into the traffic straight giving me no time to think, honk or brake. This is not a red light pedestrian walk. It's a road with running traffic. The time was around 4 O'clock in the evening. The pedestrian fell on the ground, I lost control of the bike and fell too with minor bruises. The pedestrian fell and hit his head sideways involving right side on the mouth. He was bleeding through the mouth. I, with the help of a passerby took the pedestrian to a nearby hospital and explained the hospital staff the situation. I have given them my mobile number and the two wheeler registration number. They done the stitch and a whole body CT scan. No serious injuries were found in the head or any other part of the body. The hospital staff has mentioned in their report that the pedestrian was under the effect of alcohol. The pedestrian was discharged after basic first aid. I paid for everything. Later, the family of the pedestrian came and I briefed them of the situation and left. Am I looking into any potential trouble here? Since I gave the hospital staff my bike registration details and the cell number? Also, if the pedestrian's family decided to file an FIR what should be my course of action? Who is at the fault here? I was not drunk and have no records of traffic violations or any other previous records.