one time settlement and maintinance

Dear sir, I am harshit from lucknow,UP.first, I want to brief about my case. Married in 2001.A female Birth child in 2003.This greedy women Mostly lived in own parent house.Case 125 crpc filed by my wife in 2006,at bnk. dist.up.In march 2007,she came after compromise by court. During this period she shows pregnancy and gave a birth of male child.after that she filed a separate 125 crpc case for this male child maintenance. After 6 month she again went her home,and filed criminal case on me and my family members, 498 a,523,and dowery act etc. I got arrest stay from HC,lko.. Then I filed divorce sec-13a, 2008 at lko. and I got ex-party from family court lucknow, at Lucknow,up, in 2009.Now I got married and wedlock of one male child. After that, she filed a restoration case, saying i dont have any knowlage abot this case. I filed counter case 340 crpc on this case,This case run upto 2014, and this case also kharij or dismiss, due to filing of counter case u/s 340 sec. and also abcence of her. The maintinance case of barabanki is running stil.Here, I also filed counter case u/s 340 on sec-125 case along with so many contradictory evidence as she given as PW1,PW2 etc.which clearly show that these all cases are fake/furjee. Due to 340 case , no judge want to take any action against this lady.and henc passed 3 years giving date and only date.I want to decide with permanent alimony. but this lady asking 25 laks. and judje is also fevoring to her. which is just not possile for me.I am giving maximum 4 laks. but she is not ready and haressing. beacuse i have to go to other dist. for attending case. I have quarry. Kindly.Kindly tell, suggest and advice me what should I do...... 1)-Weather my ex-wife is entitled for any maintenance after divorce. 2)-If the 125 crpc case is fake, then why I should I pay for that.? 3)-I am responsible for only my child, and I want to pay only my child. 4) should I decide maintenance 125 crpc in normal procedure as by court ? with not pressing of 340 sec which filed by me?