harassment ,498 a,torture, dv

Hello sir, I am from indore madhyapradesh n I got married in oct 2013 at amritsar punjab thru bharat matrimony almost all d info in matrimony was false bt I dn ve dat matrimonial record my husband drinks n smokes n no work I was living with inlaws n husband at my matrimonial home in amritsar my married sis in law often keep coming at my home I was being harassesd mentally n physically n ive doubt dat my husband is a druggy and a cycological patient n my inlaws keep on giving unknown medicines to my husband wen dey came to know dat I understood thier whole family drama dey keep on spending money on demselves nt on me my husband took me to mumbai in oct 2014saying dat I ll work dre bt it was my husband n in laws pre planning to throw me out of my mamatrimonial house my husband gv me very less money for running d rental house in mumbai n in jan2015 he went smwr n left me alone saying iam goin for work n un feb he switched off his ph n nt came so I went to my inlaws at amritsar bt dey did nt open d door n gave d papers to police dat v have dispossesd son n me from d pproperty so I cant entr their home my husband is involved in all dis pls help me wat shud I do from where I shud file fir and mantainence n dv my husband does nt work my inlaws r having factory pls help.