Fraud, cheating and breach of trust

Hello, I appointed a lawyer for a consumer affair matter. The lawyer did not file the case within 2 years and kept on telling me that we are sending legal notices to the company and my case being genuine, I don't have to worry and we will be good. In meantime, my father passed away. I kept asking the lawyer for the update on the proceedings, to which the lawyer said we are on a good pace. I kept on providing the asked amount for petitions, legal notices, drafts and consultations. It seemed that the lawyer had no idea of consumer act that the case needs to be filed within 2 years. When I did my research and tried to talk, I was told that no, its nothing like that. We started our work from the day of cause so we are good. Today i got to know that the case was dismissed as it was filed after three years from the date of cause. Since I am a student and did not have much information of how legal matter works, so had no choice but to trust the lawyer whom I knew as a senior from school. I really need a genuine advice of what can be done now and how I should deal with this situation. All helpful suggestions and directions are appreciated.