Division of house property between brothers

There is plot with name of my elder brother and I. We have constructed single story house with understanding that both will share money and physical support. But latter elder brother neither support in money nor support physically as per verbal understanding between us. latter he became seperete and, occupied 2/3 part of house. Loan of 5.5 lakhs taken with joint name , but initially he was not paying installments of loan. Since I have invested 4.5 lakhs in comparision of his 1 lakh excluding bank loan and also paying bank installments. Due to my share more than half and area used by me was 1/3 only I have stopped loan EMI. Due to pressure of bank and father he started to pay loan half of EMI only and half by him. When i feel I was cheating I stopped EMI with intimation to elder brother that I have already paid more than half of amount. latter loan has deposited Rs.71000/- more from my bank account. Despite of my request for equal division of property he is not giving it to me and, forcefully constructed on first floor of house from front. I want my half share in property from front with seprate entry. Please guide me how I may take equal share. As he is using 2/3 part of house , I may claim for difference.