Online Share Trading By Broker without opening the demat account.

I have been involve in share trading with INDO Thai broker from last 3 year. Earlier i was involved in trading of around 30-50k. Now my broker told due to lower circuit all my money is lose also he is asking to pay 4lac rupees. So now i wanted to know how this much amount is being lossed. First thing i came to know 1. I dont have any seperate demat account broker was doing the trading in his own trading account. 2. When i asked for the total trasaction history so that i can crosscheck or verify all my share details went correct or some cheating is involved. 2.a. He provided the excel document sheet. How can this be a valid trasaction proof.? 2.b. I asked i need the valid online share trasaction report.. he told i cannot provide as i am dealing with 200 clients in my own account so i will not be able to provide. 2.c Also i came to know he was adding the interest of 18 percent per month on the margin he provided on shares. i am in huge pain due to this. Please suggest me. i have all my online money trasaction details which was credited into broker account.