IPC 182, 211 or 499

In my case (while all the matrimonial cases are under adjudication) my father in law filed a separate false police complaint in his city (Punjab) about manhandle/threaten/abuse him, on my four family members (of Delhi). thus the investigation was opened and after 3-4 months of investigation process, a clean report was issued in our favor stating that no truth has found in the complaint and no evidences were produced in the support of the complaint. Now we have got the RTI of entire investigation. My question is:- 1) can we file private complaint as police is not interested to initiate proceeding u/s 182? can we give a application to police to initiate proceeding u/s 182? 2) who can lodge a case u/s 211 (police or the accused in the false complaint) and 3) similarly can they file here case u/s 499/500 (as complaint didn't convert to FIR and it was closed on initial investigation) and if so, what would be jurisdiction of case u/s 499/500? would it be place where false complaint was done or residence place of my four family members, and can they file individually 499 case in their respective jurisdiction of residence? Thanks in advance! RDS