Doubts regarding post-divorce judgement

When my wife had filed for divorce under false charges I was ready to fight the case but the advocate advised against it saying that it would complicate the matter and cause further delay adding to the problems. Finally there was ex-party divorce. The order has following four points : 1. Marriage Petition is hereby allowed with cost. 2. Marriage between the parties is hereby dissolved by decree of divorce. 3. The respondent shall pay certain amount per month to the petitioner as a permanent alimony from the date of decree. 4. Decree be drawn up accordingly. May I request the learned and resourceful friends here to clarify on : 1. Marriage Petition allowed with cost means do I have to bear the cost of entire proceeding? How the amount is decided? 2. After the decree of divorce, when can either of the party remarry? 3. Petitioner (wife) is a working woman, earning enough & can maintain herself. On this basis, can the order for permanent alimony be challenged? The darkhast has been filed under Hindu Marriage Act whereas we –both the parties are Christians. The divorce was sought under Sec.10(X) of the Divorce Act, 1869. 4. Generally, what is the period required to draw the decree?