Legeal Notice

My Name is Sana, I was working in lucknow and then got shifted in Mumbai I joined an organization name Qualispace though I was having exp i was forced to joined as intern with the promise they will give me salary till 18k. I joined in oct where i worked as intern for 3 months with 5k per month and then i got confirmed as my work was very much good but again they didn't hike my salary at what they promised and agreed me to work for 15k when i joined organistion it was October 2017 and got promoted in January 2018 now they again didn't give me any hike in month of April as per there policies in april 2019 they gave me hike of Rs. 140 only again politicaly they convinced me and accepted the appraisal but then i decide to leave the organization and I put down the paper but they reversed the appraisal and the amount of Pf deductions from my salary again completely ok as i was emotionaly attached to my colleague. I joined different organization and I fake my salary slip where i mentioned i am getting 19k. Appropriately I made mistake i should have not but without thinking anything ahead i did and when background verification mail was sent to my previous organization they send me mail of forgery of documents and bashed me which was again I replied to them and apologize that now the damage has been happen and that I cannot change and requested to spare me but now they send me legeal notice and demanding of Rs 10 lakh now say what should I do and how I can overcome this situation. No doubt i did wrong but my previous organization has also not done good with me in this 1 anf half year they made my 2 pf accounts with different name and that to they didn't transfer my pf neither they are accepting the request where i can transfer to my curent organization pf account. Help me please