Fraud by Servify and Apple

1. Submitted my iPhone XS on 11th of October 2019. Servify delivery agent had come home to pick up the device for servicing. The device reached the service centre on the same day at around 6:36 pm on 11th October 2019. 2. The next day, I receive a phone call from Harshad Pansare, Sr. engineer over there, where he says that my phone is out of warranty as the internal LCI stirp is triggered. They also shared some photos of the same and an email saying that they have performed Micro inspection and did not find any modification in my device. 3. I confirmed from Apple Customer support for the same. Firstly, they refused that Servify or Service Lee Technologies are an authorised Service Providers. Later they find out that they are back-end team and are Authorised Service Providers. 4. Susanskrita from the Customer Relations from Apple Customer Support also confirmed that Micro Inspection cannot be done by anyone and no service centre is authorised to perform Micro Inspection on any device and is strictly performed in Bangalore. 5. We have sent the video in which the LCI strip was white. Also, I got the phone on 12th but I received the delivery report dated 15th and with a different reference ID, and it had several mistakes in it like different date and time. Different reference ID, small mistakes in “Checklist”. The service centre claims that everything was done by following proper procedure but still there are these small mistakes which do not make sense if everything was done with proper procedure. 6. I have video proof where you can clearly see the untriggered/ white LCI strip, but when I received my phone back after the servicing, the LCI is triggered/ red which means that it has been tampered with! This tampering of my phone cost me Rs. 53,346 to replace my device. 7. Even after showing the video evidence, apple support refused to take any action against the service centre and are not ready to take responsibility for what happened. They ask me to sort it out with the service centre directly. 8. Servify (RESPONDENT) also created a fake email that mentions that I have made a payment of Rs. 590 on the date of 15 October 2019 at 14:26, no payment of such amount was made. 9. The video clearly shows the external LCI is white/ untriggered but the service center report states that external LCI was triggered, even the internal LCI has been triggered and corrosion also found. Then how is it possible that the internal LCI triggered if the external was perfectly fine. If they can give the delivery report with mistakes, they can tamper with my phone as well.