grandmother being kept on house arrest

Hello sir, I am here to know about my grandmother who is kept on house arrest by my uncle. Grandmother in the sense my mother's mom she is of 89 years old. She was hospitalised last week because she fell down n broke her hip bone when enquired they blamed over grandmother itslf saying she is careless but when I enquired my granny she said she was told to work by my aunty. My granny kept insisting me to take her wid me iam fine because my only aim to get settled in kerala is my grandmother. But my uncles are not ready to give granny to us he even tried to raise his hands over my mom and her sister when we went to meet granny. I only want my granny back by ny how me my parents n my brother we all eagerly waiting for her to be with us. And I also scared about her safety in my uncle house since he is a retired air force man he might be getting some sort of securities in the state. please help me iam leaving for germany this 23rd but I want to guide my parents about the steps they can take for getting granny back. Thank you,