Defamation done and fired from company

Dear Sir, One of my colleague working with me while I was working for Jaquar & Co. Pvt. Ltd made a complaint whereby he allegedly called me gunda in his complaint mail and spreaded among all the higher authorities in the company. He made several blames against me in his complaint mail. Later on, an exhaustive enquiry was done by the branch head which took almost a month and till the enquiry was over, I was asked my branch head for not writing any explanation thus I kept quite till the investigation was over. In that investigation, the complainant failed to prove his any single blames against me as was in mail but still a week after the investigation was over, I was fired by the company stating that my services are not required. Even after firing, I was not paid by the company as I was supposed to get as per my contractual terms in my appointment letter. It is clearly written in the contract to pay me a salary of 3 months if terminated by the company but still I was paid only basic salary which is 1/5 of my regular take home salary which I could have earned if allowed by the company to work for notice period but since the company has not given me any notice period then I feel that company is liable to pay me the full take home salary in lieu of notice period. Now, I wanted to know that is it correct, what the company has paid to me in form of basic salary in lieu of notice period against the statement in job contract where it is written that 3 months notice or salary and no where mentioned that only basic salary in lieu. Next, Can I file a case of defamation against the complainant including my Branch Head ( this guy approved the complaint of complainant blindly without knowing the complete material fact that too physically he was out of country at that time and later on failed to prove any single blame of complainant), Zonal Head (I approached him with the complete story to get the right justice and asked him to punish me if any complaint is proven against me and if none of the complaints is proven then I need written sorry from the complainant for calling me gunda and spreading the same using cyber media in whole organization but instead of getting me justice, he recommended my termination from job) and VP-HR (He fired me instead of punishing the complainant for making bogus complaints and associating unsocial/unofficial/unconstitutional word Gunda to the name of a person of healthy and I was fired because I raised my voice seeking justice from my higher ups in the hierarchy thus supported the illegal act of complainant). Please guide me in both the cases as in the first point I feel like "Exploitation of Labour" and in second point feels like defamed me for no reason or evidence and caused me job loss unnecessarily. In this defamation case I wanted to claim for my 1 year salary as I was drawing at that time because the bogus complaint of complainant has caused me sudden job loss whether directly or indirectly. Awaiting your guidance. Regards, Rakesh Kumar Singh