Does POSH ACT intends to finsih your career and right to have a Respectful life ?

Respected Sir, I was working with a PSU and charged with POSH ACT, 2013 in year 2018 and due to biased behavior of ICC members especially chairperson which is feminist to the core, I was charged and my services were terminated not barring from future employment in Govt/Public sector/cooperative sector. The entire proceedings/ procedure took more than 200 days and the evidence based on which ICC has proven me guilty is voraciously challengeable in court of law . The complainant accused 4 persons out of which 3 were Senior to me and all were acquitted with mere warnings. The matter is in hon'ble High court and I have full faith in judiciary. My questions are:- 1) After getting relief from court , would I be allowed to do my job with dignity in same organisation ? 2) Will Management act fair and neutral in future regarding promotions and other other opportunities and is there any benefit or chances of survival continuing my services with the same feel ? 3) Is it advisable to take action against ICC chairperson and CMD of the company? 4) The PSU generally act in bias manner and they have to act in favor of complainant in order to avoid their stake and repercussions in case the complainant moves to court, Does the person lost the right of life and right to Respect once accused with such allegations even if gets acquitted later or may be not. 5) I have applied for another govt job this month and in today's scenario almost every organisation wants clean background of the applicantsbefore applying for job. I have not disclosed my antecedents thinking that the proceedings were already over 11 months ago and there are not pending proceedings at present. Also, I have not done anything and I will be acquitted by court by the time I'll get joining or back ground verification done by new employer If I clear my exam. Also, in my UAN passbook ( UAN generated when I was working with a private company in 2014) my previous PSU employer name is not reflecting. Chances are that previous PSU employer might have generated 2nd UAN. Is it able to hide information or previous PSU employment by providing UAN generated by private employer in 2014? 6) Any other counselling words from highly efficient advocates here will be highly anticipated as I'm in need of your enlightening words in this phase of life. Thank you. Regards, Rohit Kumar