Harassment by hdfc bank

Dear Sir/ Madam, On 5th or 6th May 2015, I received a call from a Delhi number [deleted] claiming to be from HDFC Bank. The caller claimed that some Mr Grewal had defrauded the bank and his account details carry my name (Parag Jain) as reference. On requesting to talk to the manager the call was disconnected. Since then I have been engaging with HDFC bank and its management (refer to the enclosed mail) to get the answer to the following questions. However I have been made to run around and the answers are not being provided. My questions to HDFC are: ========================================================= 1-Who gave the HDFC bank, my details - phone and "house address with house no"? Did you officials steal this data from CIBIL 2-What is the basis of decision that I should be contacted for a random defaulter of HDFC Bank. Two points here: 1) While I may be a manager with the HR department, all contacts for personal matter of an individuals should be restricted to the witnesses/ contacts shared in the relationship form or the contact mentioned on the website of my company. 2) Would your officials call me for the queries related any of the thousands of employees working in my firm, if they have problems with the relationships with HDFC 3- Who authorised your people to use aggressive language against me ========================================================= I am looking for an advice if I can file a consumer court case against HDFC bank and claim for a compensation for the harassment caused by them. Many Thanks Parag Jain, Gurgaon, [deleted]