Cheated by the plot owner and builder

We have purchased a flat from the plot owner who was alotted 2 flats as payment for his plot by the builder.we have his signed agreement without the flat and building name as at the time of purchase the building was under construction and he was not sure which flat the builder will alot on 5th floor.the builder has built a 6 storey building of which first 3 have OC.After filing a criminal case against the plot owner as we were not getting possesion of the flat we finally got the possession and have been living in the same flat since 1st jan 2014. The case is a crimal case against the plot owner for not registering our flat of which full payment has been paid in the plot owner is trying to co-operate but the builder is not ready to take an OC.The society has only 2 other people apart from us who have legally purchased the flat.we tried to settle with him out of court that if he gives us flat on any of the first three floors with OC we will co-operate but the builder is not ready.the meadiator between us and the builder is the plot owner.what can we do to compell the builder to get an OC as he is least bothered and never available.he has taken 84000 as maintenence from us which we have paid in cheque and have kept his receipt.Consumer court is owned by such builders and cases never see the there anyway to get out of this mess and make the builder pay for his crimes? Now even after staying in the flat for more than 15 months we have managed to get the light bill transferred to our name and an lpg connection but all this without OC.please advice what can be done to get justice as the builder is not ready to pay bmc the penalty.he is right now not selling any flats in the building instead he has kept paying guests in the flats and getting money from a building with 24 flats he has sold 2 legal flats on 3rd floor and we stay on 5th which was allotted to us by the plot owner by the builder.bottom 3 floors have Oc and top 3 dont have Oc.