Kid's custody + divorce or live together

Its about my friend. He married 2 years back. He has his small business but after birth of child he wanted to earn more so he left home and went to nagpur for job. His wife was at her parent's home from her 6th month of pregnancy. She is still there. After marriage there was some problem in my friend's mother and his wife. So they were living separately in the same house. Now he is in his hometown and back to his business. He is asking her to come home but she is refusing. She wanted to live separately but he wanted to stay altogether with his parents and wife n kid which is beneficial to his kid as his mother will also take care of baby if she do any household work. She is refusing that, she said I will come if they let her live by partition in the home. He don't want to do this but he don't want his kid to be away from him. Kid is 6 months old now. He said, if there will be divorce like condition occurs, he want that kid with him. I don't know she will give kid's custody to him or not. What to do in such condition?