Sir i am a girl 28 years .my car met with an accident with this man going on bike .he was trying to overtake me from the left side and that too in a very high speed in service lane.neither my car nor his bike were effected in this accident .I was going with a speed of 10.I went to him to take him to the hospital and he abused me and hit me.and started telling me about his power..he humiliated me in front of whole public.he was not supporting me so I left that he filled Fir against that I hit him from behind however this was not the car is seized .he want outside court settlement and is not ready give medical the hospital I traced that he had minor injuries for which he was not even provided with the dressings.he was on leave from last 2 months as earlier also met with an accident.. His sick leave are already consumed..after this accident he again needs sick leave this time it will be he want that money from me.he demanded 70000 rs .for salary and medical expenses. He is just have a hairline fracture or something else but not fracture in his toe..please help what should.should I go for court. Or outside court settlement..immediately need your help